From Fred a person I led; "I wanted to thank you for everything you have done since I started at MYOB, without you believing in me, I would not be with MYOB today. Good people always get ahead, and I am certain that whatever choice you make moving forward, you will be extremely successful. I want to make sure, we stay in contact, as I mentioned to you, it’s not too often that good people cross your path, and I am happy to say, not only have I met a true professional, but an even better human being."

by Fred Campos
From Julian a person I led; "I worked alongside Steve at MYOB and reported directly to him for more than two years. What I learned from him as a leader however were lessons that have lasted well beyond my employment there. Steve is an exceptional manager and an even better person outside of work. He conducts himself with professionalism and respect for those around him – both colleagues and clients. His work in managing a sales channel at MYOB was instrumental to year-on-year double digit growth in annual recurring license revenue, and was widely respected by the MYOB partners for his honest and straightforward approach. If you are looking for someone who is loyal & trustworthy, hardworking driven & focussed on outcomes that matter, and scores above average on dad jokes, then look no further – Steve is the real deal. During our tenure at MYOB, I genuinely felt like I had a great person in my corner, who would support me when it was needed, but equally hold up the mirror when that what was needed. He has a strong moral compass, family values, and I loved my time working with him. Would I consider working with Steve again? I would consider it an honour and a great privilege."

by Julian Greening
From Guru a person I worked cross-functionally with; "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Steve for around six years and can confidently say that he is one of the most dedicated and hardworking team members I have had the pleasure of working with. Steve has a unique ability to juggle multiple tasks while maintaining the highest quality for our partners and customers. His professionalism and work ethic are unparalleled, and he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that sales and services are delivered at the highest standard. Moreover, Steve has a remarkable way of leading and motivating their team members, and his positive attitude and exceptional communication skills are an asset to any organization. I do not doubt that Steve will continue to excel in his future endeavors, and highly recommend him."

by Guru Dunna
From Gary a previous leader of mine; "Steve and I worked together in the Enterprise Division at MYOB for a number of years driving sales and success through our reseller channel. I hired Steve into the business given the proven competency in sales and business development and his obvious positive energy and enthusiasthm. In our time working together Steve repeatedly demonstrated that positive energy, grit, determination and engagement. Steve always worked hard to find ways to succeed, to execute on the strategies and tactics in place and was very industrious and conscientious about looking after the company, the people and our partners to achieve success. I wish Steve all the best for his future endeavours."

by Gary Katzeff
From Jim a previously leader of mine; "I couldn't recommend Steve more highly as a genuine, authentic and skilled sales professional and channel expert. Steve operated with a smile on his face with a genuine desire to help and drive beneficial outcomes within his team and for his channel partners, who held Steve in high regard. Steve excelled a meeting his targets and driving great outcomes."

by Jim Seymour
From Stephen a previous client; "I had the pleasure of working with Steve Victor while he served as the Enterprise Sales Manager at MYOB. As a key leader within the channel, Steve consistently demonstrated his dedication and support for partners like us at Kilimanjaro Consulting. His honesty, hard work, and genuine care for our success were evident in every interaction. Steve's advocacy for our business and the broader channel was invaluable. I highly recommend Steve for his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to fostering strong relationships within the industry."

by Stephen Friend

From Jordan a business development manager I worked with; "I had the absolute good fortune of working with Steve in his role as MYOB Enterprise Sales Manager ANZ. His infectious enthusiasm and positivity are second only to his ability to effectively lead teams to overachieve their targets. Under Steve's leadership, the Enterprise division has been able to achieve phenomenal growth year on year on year. This is underpinned by Steve's genuine desire to truly understand the challenges businesses face and provide an effective solution. Steve has a deep understanding of the Enterprise technology space, leadership, sales and channel sales management. I couldn't stress enough how much of an asset Steve would be to any organization."

by Jordan Ellen
From Masha a person I worked cross-functionally with; "Its been a pleasure working with Steve over my tenure at MYOB. In my role of looking after 3rd party ecosystem, my collaboration with Steve has ranged from jointly dealing with escalations in involving 3rd party softwares to tapping into Steve’s wide network to help grow the ecosystem in general. His professionalism, customer centric approach and always being in a solution mode( rather than problem mode) wanting best outcome for all involved parties has always stood out for me. Steve’s accomplishments in leadership gets demonstrated in the fact that his sales channel has been a key factor in the double digit YOY growth in recurring licence revenue for enterprise division in the past 2 years. I would highly recommend Steve as he would be a valuable employee for any business."

by Masha Batra
From Peter a previous client; "I and the Team at Primacc have worked with Steve for the last 5 years. Steve has undoubted pedigree as a successful sales leader, which he has been acknowledged for with a number of awards, across multiple vendors. He has fearlessly represented and promoted the interests of MYOB, whilst balancing the tension that inevitably arises between vendor and partner. Steve has the ability to quickly build rapport and is unquestionably engaging with his extensive industry knowledge, making him an effective sales professional. More than that, Steve has the rare ability to relate on a personal level to make people feel comfortable, whether that be the CEO or factory worker."

by Peter Lamberton
From Wayne a previous client; "When I joined Verde group it was a complete career change for me. To say I was dropped in the deep end would be putting it mildly. I am proud of the success that I achieved relatively early on, but the truth of it was that without the guidance and mentorship of a few key people, including Steve, I would not have been successful with the transition. Steve has always provided great advice and mentorship. He has given me an excellent model to incorporate into my own way of working and for that, I will always be incredibly grateful and indebted to him."

by Wayne Potgieter
From Brendan a previous client; "I am delighted to write this LinkedIn recommendation for Steve, who has recently served as a Senior Sales Professional, People Leader, and Business Development Specialist. I had the pleasure of working with Steve in his latest role, and I must say that he has been a true support of the MYOB Partners in our partner channel. Throughout his time, Steve has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, consistently motivating and guiding his team to achieve outstanding results. His expertise in business development has been invaluable in identifying new opportunities for growth and expanding our partner network. Steve's exceptional interpersonal skills have also made him an excellent communicator and relationship-builder, enabling him to establish strong and lasting partnerships with us as valued partners. Moreover, Steve's passion for his work has been infectious, inspiring his colleagues and partners alike to strive for excellence. His dedication to achieving results, coupled with his sharp analytical mind and strategic thinking, have helped drive the success of our channel partner program. In summary, I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a seasoned sales professional, people leader, or business development specialist. His outstanding contributions to our organisation have been invaluable, and he will undoubtedly make a valuable addition to any team lucky enough to work with him."

by Brendan Shepperd
From Roman a previous leader of mine; "Steve and I worked together over a number of years in the infancy of cloud computing. During that time Steve worked with end customers directly and built an extremely successful reseller channel (from scratch) educating prospects about the benefits of cloud and our technology stack and ultimately converting prospects into long term, profitable customers. I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend Steve into any leadership or senior sales role and he would be an asset to any organisation."

by Roman Paljk
From Juanita a previous client of mine; "I had the pleasure of working with Steve in his role as ANZ Enterprise Sales Manager at MYOB, and I highly recommend and admire him for his exceptional skills, achievements, and dedication. He always made sure that we, as his business partner, were looked after and supported. Steve is highly focused and loyal to his clients and colleagues, and his sense of humour makes him a pleasure to work with. Steve is a highly experienced ICT client sales professional with a wide range of exposure to software and infrastructure, and an excellent client network across mid-market and enterprise businesses throughout New Zealand. One of his standout achievements is being recognised as the 2021 MYOB All Stars Winner for high performance and high achievement in sales and sales management in 2020, which was well deserved and speaks to his exceptional sales skills and results-driven approach. His genuine care and support have been invaluable to our business, and I am grateful for his unwavering friendship and professional partnership. His exceptional skills, achievements, and results-driven mindset make him a valuable asset to any organisation."

by Juanita
From David a previous client of mine; "Myself and the BusinessHub team worked with Steve over a number of years whilst he was with MYOB. Steve and his team were instrumental in assisting us obtain YoY growth in excess of our market peers, he provided alternative strategies to win larger deals, increase velocity through the sales process and challenge ideas to drive greater conversion."

by David Taylor
From Craig a previous client of mine; "I've worked with Steve for several years as part of our relationship with MYOB. We've achieved some great results and accolades over this time supported by Steve's effective sales management."

by Craig Gower