by Steve Victor


Hiring a sales manager is a critical decision that can significantly impact your company's growth and success. But how do you know when it's the right time to bring in a new leader for your sales team? Here are key signs to look for:

    1. Rapid Growth: If your company is experiencing rapid growth, it's essential to have a dedicated sales manager to ensure that your sales processes scale effectively and your team remains focused and motivated.
    2. Inconsistent Sales Performance: If your sales performance is inconsistent or declining, a skilled sales manager can provide the strategic direction and coaching needed to get your team back on track.
    3. Team Expansion: As the founder or executive. when your sales team reaches a size where managing them becomes challenging, hiring a sales manager can help streamline operations, provide individual attention, and improve overall efficiency.
    4. Strategic Planning: A sales manager brings valuable expertise in developing and executing sales strategies that align with your company's goals. If you lack a clear sales strategy, it might be time to hire someone who can craft and implement one.
    5. Focus on Core Business: As a founder or executive, your time is valuable. If you're spending too much time managing the sales team instead of focusing on core business functions, hiring a sales manager can free up your time and bring in specialised expertise.
    6. New Market Entry: Entering new markets or launching new products requires focused attention and strategy. A sales manager can lead these efforts, ensuring that your team is prepared and equipped to succeed.

Remember, the right sales manager can transform your sales team and drive significant growth. Look for someone with the experience, vision, and leadership skills to take your sales organisation to the next level.

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