by Steve Victor


Deciding to part ways with a sales manager is never easy. It’s a decision that impacts your team, your revenue, and your company culture. But sometimes, it’s necessary for the growth and health of your organisation. Here are key signs it might be time to make that tough call:

    1. Consistently Missing Targets: If your sales manager consistently fails to meet sales targets, despite having the necessary resources and support, it might be time to reassess their fit.
    2. Low Team Morale: A sales manager should inspire and motivate. If you notice your team is disengaged, morale is low, or there’s high turnover, it’s a red flag.
    3. Lack of Strategic Vision: A good sales manager not only drives current performance but also plans for the future. If they lack a strategic vision or fail to adapt to market changes, your long-term success could be at risk.
    4. Poor Communication Skills: Communication is key in sales. If your manager struggles to effectively communicate with their team, other departments, or clients, it can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities.
    5. Unethical Behaviour: This is non-negotiable. Any signs of unethical behaviour or practices must be addressed immediately to protect your company’s reputation and integrity.
    6. Resistance to Feedback: A strong leader should welcome feedback and be open to continuous improvement. If your sales manager is resistant to constructive criticism and unwilling to grow, it’s a major concern.

Remember, firing a sales manager should always be the last resort after providing opportunities for improvement and clear, actionable feedback. But when it’s clear that change is necessary, taking swift and decisive action is crucial for your organisation’s success.

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