by Steve Victor


As a sales leader, my days are filled with coaching, strategising, and cheering on my team to land those big deals. But there's a secret weapon in my arsenal that might surprise you: my friendships from school!

Think back to your own formative years. The late-night study sessions, the shared triumphs and defeats, the unwavering support through thick and thin - those experiences forge bonds that transcend time and distance. It's exactly that shared history and trust that I leverage in my leadership style.

Here's how my "school squad" helps me lead a winning sales team:

1. Unwavering Belief: They know me at my core, strengths and weaknesses alike. This allows them to offer honest, constructive feedback, pushing me to be a better leader for my team. They have my back, no matter what, which fosters a sense of security and confidence that permeates the team.

2. Diverse Perspectives: Our varied backgrounds and experiences bring a wealth of perspectives to the table. When brainstorming strategies or tackling challenges, their unique viewpoints spark creativity and innovation, leading to more effective solutions.

3. Shared Values: We grew up with similar values, built on mutual respect, empathy, and collaboration. This translates into a team culture that's open, supportive, and focused on collective success. It's easier to build trust and alignment when you share a core foundation.

4. Lifelong Mentorship: We've been there for each other through career changes, personal milestones, and everything in between. This deep understanding allows me to mentor and guide my team members on a personal level, helping them navigate their own journeys and reach their full potential.

So, to all the sales leaders out there, don't underestimate the power of your old friends! They might just be the secret ingredient to building a high-performing, motivated team that consistently crushes its goals.

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