by Steve Victor


In the relentless pursuit of sales targets, a crucial lesson often gets overlooked: the power of the present moment. We get caught in the future's whirlwind, chasing "next month's quotas" and "year-end projections," neglecting the immediate opportunities right in front of us.

Leading a sales team effectively requires a shift in focus. By prioritising the present, we cultivate a culture of responsiveness and unlock the full potential of every interaction.

Respecting today allows us to be fully present for client needs, build stronger relationships, and ultimately achieve those future goals with greater efficiency.

However, maximising performance isn't about constant burnout. It's about striving for your "Today's 100%." This concept reframes the notion of giving 100% all the time. Instead, it acknowledges the importance of well-being. Your "Today's 100%" considers your mental clarity, physical energy, and emotional state. Some days, peak performance might involve a deep dive into strategy, while others might call for building connections with a lighter touch.

Regardless, the commitment to delivering your best remains constant.

By embracing the present moment and giving our "Today's 100%," we not only drive results, but also foster a sense of personal fulfilment for ourselves and our teams. This, in turn, fuels long-term success and a thriving sales culture.

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