by Steve Victor


I have always been a big believer in team work accelerating your success and those around you. I often relate selling to sport because both are competitive and there is usually just one winner as a result of the effort put in through practicing moves and approaches, applying your soft skills and even enhancing your soft skills, practicing again and again, and then going into the game or presentation. Most sports are a team-based game just like you and your workmates operate day to day. As with a team-based sport, when you win, the team wins. When you win a new sale, there is likely to be benefits to your colleagues too, and not necessarily your sales colleagues, but the important teams of people around you that all pitch in to satisfy the customer or client.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Revenue Edition

As we all embark on our revenue journey in 2024, let’s celebrate the power of collaboration!

1.     Cross-Functional Wins: Remember that our success isn’t siloed. It’s a symphony of efforts across departments. That marketing campaign that drove leads? The product enhancements that wowed customers? It’s all interconnected. Tag your colleagues who played a pivotal role!

2.     Sales + Customer Support: They’re the unsung heroes. When a customer’s issue is resolved swiftly, it impacts retention and upsells. Let’s give a virtual high-five to our support team!

3.     Feedback Loop: Salespeople, you’re on the front lines. Share customer feedback, both positive and constructive, with product and engineering. Together, we iterate and improve.

4.     Sales Enablement: Training, tools, and resources—our enablement team equips us for battle. Shout out to them!

5.     Celebrate Small Wins: Every closed deal, every upsell, every satisfied customer, let’s cheer each other on. Because those small wins add up to big revenue!

Now, over to you! Tag your rockstar colleagues below and let’s celebrate our collective wins.

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