by Steve Victor


In the world of sales, navigating change is crucial. But there's a key distinction between managing change and leading it.

Change Management: This is the "how" of transformation. It involves implementing processes, training teams on new tools, and minimising disruption. Think of it as meticulously guiding your sales force through a new CRM system. It's essential, but can feel transactional.

Change Leadership: This is the "why" and the "what." It's about inspiring your team to embrace the future, articulating a compelling vision for change, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Imagine rallying your sales reps behind a new market expansion strategy, igniting their passion for the challenge.

The shift from sales management to sales leadership is about this very transition. Here's how to make the leap:

    • Focus on People: Great sales leaders understand their team's motivations and concerns. They build trust, empower decision-making, and celebrate individual and collective wins.
    • Communicate a Vision: Don't just announce change, paint a picture of the future. Explain how the new approach will benefit the team, the company, and ultimately, the customer.
    • Embrace the Messy: Change rarely goes perfectly. Be prepared to adapt, address concerns, and course-correct as needed.

Remember: People resist change, not progress. By becoming a change leader, you can not only shepherd your sales force through change, but also lead them to conquer new heights.

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