by Steve Victor


A Sales Leader could fulfil several crucial roles within an organisation:

1. Transition Facilitator: Acting as an intermediary Sales Leader during recruitment, they bridge the gap between outgoing and incoming leaders.

2. Mentor and Guide: Supporting new Sales Leaders as they navigate their roles, they provide guidance and help them develop their skills.

3. Functional Ownership: They take charge of specific sales areas, such as team development plans, coaching, or implementing new sales processes.

4. Problem Solver: Identifying pain points within the sales function, they propose effective solutions to address these challenges.

5. Tech Advocate: Recognising opportunities where technology and AI can enhance business operations, they assist with implementation.

6. Motivator: Injecting fresh energy and momentum into the team, they inspire growth and productivity.

These multifaceted responsibilities make Sales Leaders indispensable contributors to organisational success.


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