by Steve Victor


Following on from my post last week where I introduced Discipline , I would like to continue to share and stimulate your mind and your organisational skills.

Today are 3 further bite-sized lessons to try.

4. Mind Control

You are the machine, and you control it.

  • How do I get tougher? Be tougher.
  • How do I wake up early? Wake up early.
  • How do I work out consistently? Work out consistently.

You have control over your mind.

5. Overcoming Procrastination

Disciple starts in this moment.

Want to improve? Want to workout more? Want to eat cleaner? Want to start a business? Want to write a book? Want to be a loving spouse?

Start right here and right now.

Initiate action.

6. The Decision of Discipline

Discipline comes from within.

It’s an internal force.

If you don’t think you are disciplined, it’s because you haven’t decided to be disciplined.


So make the decision.


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