by Steve Victor


In sales, we're constantly bombarded with tactics and techniques promising the "right answer" to every customer objection. But what if true mastery lies elsewhere?

The truth is, the beginner chases the right answers, while the master chases the right questions.

Here's why this matters for sales leaders:

    • Deeper customer understanding: By asking insightful questions, you uncover the true needs and challenges your prospects face. This goes beyond surface-level objections and leads to more relevant conversations.
    • Building trust and rapport: When you genuinely listen and ask thoughtful questions, you demonstrate your interest in the customer, fostering stronger relationships.
    • Uncovering hidden opportunities: The right questions can spark new ideas and solutions you might not have considered otherwise. This can lead to uncovering unanticipated needs and exceeding expectations.

Empower your sales team to become masters:

    • Shift the focus: Train your team to prioritise asking insightful questions during interactions.
    • Active listening: Equip them with active listening skills to truly understand customer responses.
    • Open-ended questions: Encourage the use of open-ended questions that go beyond "yes" or "no" answers.

By prioritising the right questions, you'll empower your team to move beyond basic sales tactics and become true customer advisors. This is the mark of a sales master.

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What are your best practices for asking powerful questions in sales?


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