by Steve Victor


Bringing a colleague or "buddy" along to client meetings can indeed add a three-dimensional aspect to the engagement. Here's how:

    1. Different Perspectives: Having a colleague present adds depth to the conversation by providing different perspectives and expertise. They might bring up points or insights that you hadn't considered, enriching the discussion and demonstrating the depth of your team's knowledge.
    2. Dynamic Interaction: With two team members present, there's more opportunity for dynamic interaction with the client. You can play off each other's strengths, share responsibilities during the meeting, and engage in natural, flowing conversation that feels less one-dimensional.
    3. Demonstration of Team Support: Bringing a colleague along demonstrates to the client that they're not just working with an individual salesperson, but with a supportive team. This can instill confidence in the client that they'll receive ongoing support and expertise beyond the initial sales interaction.
    4. Enhanced Networking: Your colleague can also serve as a networking asset during the meeting. They might have connections or shared interests with the client that can be leveraged to strengthen the relationship and potentially open up new opportunities.
    5. Improved Problem-Solving: If the client raises any challenging questions or concerns during the meeting, having a colleague present allows you to collaborate on finding solutions in real-time. This can showcase your team's ability to think on your feet and adapt to the client's needs.
    6. Backup Support: Sometimes, unexpected technical issues or other challenges can arise during meetings. Having a colleague present provides backup support in case anything goes wrong, ensuring that the meeting can continue smoothly without interruptions.
    7. Building Rapport: A buddy (colleague) system can help build rapport with the client more effectively. Clients may feel more comfortable and relaxed when interacting with a team rather than a solo individual, leading to more authentic and productive conversations.

Overall, bringing a colleague along to client meetings adds depth and dimension to the engagement, allowing for richer interactions, better problem-solving, and enhanced client relationships.


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