by Steve Victor


Isn't prospecting fun! I do enjoy prospecting; the thrill, the chase, and sometimes the win. No one that I have ever called has ever said 'Thank goodness you called, I was just thinking about how I can solve a business problem, and you just might be able to help me.' Without making those calls, creating activity, generating interest, and providing value, then you are going backwards.

I follow James Clear from Atomic Habits and this recent statement from James is so very true:

"A simple recipe for finding opportunities:

1.     Be pleasant

2.     Ask questions

3.     Engage daily.

It's hard for a warm and pleasant person who is asking a lot of questions and engaging in their industry daily to not come across interesting opportunities." James Clear, Atomic Habits.

So please keep this in mind every single day - be pleasant, ask questions and be curious, and keep engaging.


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